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The purpose of this website is to make it easy for young people, parents, carers and professionals to access the wealth of helpful resources across the internet to support their mental health and emotional well-being needs. I am an NHS professional and have made this website in my spare time. I am very passionate about working with young people experiencing problems with their mental health and am lucky to work with a great set of equally passionate colleagues. I can see the significant challenges that we and other CAMHS services face due to the funding gap that exists and am a vocal campaigner for the need for increased funding for youth mental health services nationally. The purpose of this site is solely for the benefit of young people, families and professionals across the UK. The website is mobile compatible so that it is one site from which all the great resources being produced by different organisations, charities and individuals across the UK and beyond can be accessed. I take no credit for the quality of their work. If you wish to give feedback, make suggestions of resources that are not included or ideas on developing the site further in ways that you think would be helpful then please do make contact on the form below, all ideas are valued and welcomed. Please, however, do not request clinical advice through this site as that is beyond its scope and remit. I would advise clinical questions to be directed to local services who will know what help is available in your area.

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